The information set forth in these conditions will be useful for:

- the retailer(the seller) shop(container, roller blinds) or assistant implementer;

- sales Manager in the warehouse(store);

- the "owner" of the outlet(store);

the manufacturer of the goods;

- the usual entrepreneur, implementing the product on the 7km or nearby to the market.

- the importer of the goods;

the lessee of a warehouse near 7km, which is the product;

the entrepreneur who operates on a 7km without outlets.

- any person who "just" got the goods in sufficient quantity and which does not sell this product on a regular basis.

anyone who is interested in increasing sales to the above entities.

 Interface our marketplace is simple and straightforward, it does not require special knowledge and long experience with the online store. This applies to Windows and personal account of the Seller. Enough to be an ordinary computer user. Even if you have any difficulties, our support staff will assist you.

The term Warehouse is a container, a store, a warehouse, blinds, etc. room, which can be used for the sale of goods(services). Description of other unclear terms can be viewed in the User agreement.

 Placing the goods in the Showcase on you can simplify the process of acquiring goods, as offline and online Buyers.

 Online shoppers can now be always aware of your actual range will be the first to see new items your shop on will be able to communicate with you online, and if necessary, will be able to come and purchase it (pre-by familiarizing yourself with the product).

Offline customers will gradually become online, knowing what extra service you provided them. Because now they will be able to view the current product availability online and then to buy the product the usual way in your physical Warehouse. Once visiting your physical Warehouse, they will be able to keep your regular customers.

You understand that a large number of Buyers prefer to first see the product, select it, and then to come to the market and spend less time to buy the selected range. Thus, when you add a product to your showcase on significantly greater number of potential customers will see your product and, accordingly, you will have more chances to realize it.

 Using a special form on the map you can share the actual location of your Warehouse via popular instant messengers and social networks.

Now we will tell you how "IT works."

1. When registering on the Website, the Seller receives a personal account with a unique id number. Id number of the merchant corresponds to the id number of the Seller.

2. After registration of the Seller is binding Personal account of the Seller to the Warehouse. To bind and unbind the office to(from) the Warehouse(a) the Seller may choose.

If there is a Seller moving from one Warehouse to another, the id number of the Seller remains unchanged. In this case, the id of the Warehouse from which the Seller moves out, falls off, and the new id - number of the Stock is tied to the id of the merchant.

3. A seller who has no physical Warehouse or wish to conceal their physical location, can register in the Virtual warehouse(description of the concept in the User agreement).

4. Sellers can self-manage in a private office on the availability and relevance of the price of the goods, to add or remove from the sale of goods/services, and show discounts. And also, the Seller has an opportunity to hide the goods from the shop window of the site and hide the buy button near your product.

5. The seller has the option to display on their Showcase on your contact details, including name, site, which currently presents its range of products, phone numbers, Skype, link to social networks and messengers, but also has the ability to show clients what the messengers attached to the phone numbers. Next to each phone number, it is possible to write the name of the owner. The phone number that is listed in your Seller account will not be shown in the Storefront of the Seller. If the Seller wants to display it on display – he should do it in a special tab in the personal Cabinet. Registration requires only email.

6. The seller has the ability to create information pages on your storefront. On pages it is possible to accommodate a dimensional grid, schedule, frequently asked questions, terms of delivery and payment and any other information that will help buyers. Down his Showcase the Seller also has the opportunity to briefly describe their activities. Namely: what sells; what days carries on sending or not sending the merchandise by transport companies; discounts provided to customers; how often update the product range; what sells factories; the country of origin, and other information.

7. The seller in a private office, can accommodate a custom agreement with the Buyer. Without the consent of the user agreement, the Buyer will not be able to place an order.

8. When registering, the Seller, the binding to the real Warehouse or Virtual warehouse is required. Otherwise, the added item will not be displayed on the Marketplace. If the binding process of the Cabinet to the Warehouse, the Seller discovered that he was already busy with another Seller, he must contact the support Site for solving this issue.

9. When changing Sellers in Stock, a new Seller may be placed in the Warehouse only after it will go to the previous Seller. Sellers are free to negotiate the date of the change of the Seller in the Warehouse. If the agreement did not work - the Seller should contact the customer support.

10. If you move or the termination of its activities in the Warehouse, the Seller must notify the customer service. It is necessary to update the information on the Map and the Website.

11. The seller can contact customer support for assistance in registering and linking your office to the Warehouse. He can also contact customer support for assistance in creating (photographing) and adding content to your showcase.

12. All information on the site about the Sellers were posted by Sellers or taken from public sources. If the Seller wants to hide or change the information about yourself that is posted on the Website – it may or independently to do this through a personal account of the Seller or contact customer service by email:

13. The seller has the right to place a link to your Warehouse and on your Showcase in social networks, forums, websites and other resources to promote their goods(services), as well as to potential buyers could easily find a Seller in the market 7km Dear Sellers, we inform you that we are in the process of continuous improvement of the user interface and functionality of the site. We will be glad to hear your wishes and requests by email: or send us an email via the feedback form at the bottom right on any page of the website, including in the private office.